Vegas Familie is an introspective look inside the European auto movement in Las Vegas, NV. The film outlines the people, builds and stories that intricately connects and creates a unique sub-culture found in a remarkable yet notorious city.



Our first experience with the Vegas car scene was in 2011 while we filmed our “Wuste 2011: A Dessert Gathering” video series during Wuste Fest 2011. During the festival, we noticed the immense passion people had for their cars and the automotive culture it formed. The one thing that stood out to us though was that most of the Euro builds were not locally based in Las Vegas. While the cars that were involved at the event were amazing, we felt there was a lack of representation from a large group of Vegas Euro enthusiasts. We wondered if a local Euro scene would appear in a city known for its blatant tourism and somewhat plastic feel.


After three years and wide spread success with the Wuste film series, we went back to Vegas to rediscover their Euro scene - not so much on an event scale but more on a personal level to better understand the individuals who involved themselves in the culture. To our surprise, the European movement had spread rapidly throughout Vegas and was booming! We discovered a whole new uprising of enthusiasts who were building cars and taking inspiration from films we’ve produced in the past.


With this discovery we wanted to better understand the locals and how they lived in their natural environment. Having the chance to see their perspective opened us up to another side of Vegas which allowed us to see beyond the strip and to explore local art, culture and the community of auto enthusiasts that shares a unique family like bond.


We found individuals who were doing extraordinary Volkswagen builds with inspirations from the dominant VIP scene as well as cars that were going in more of a JDM fashion while keeping a clean OEM Plus look. We also found different perspectives around the forever standing static VS air debate and what it really means to be low and the consequences that it brings.


After the completion of filming and during the post-production, we noticed a single common theme- these guys were a real family. They all had the same passion for cars that connected them so closely together and created a tight knit bond. They were willing to help each other out no matter what the circumstances and isn’t that really what any car scene is about?


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